Gas Compression and Treatment

 Zantech offer both partnered and one off build turn-key solutions, for all your gas compression, dehydration, condensing and filtration needs.

Gas Compression

Zantech are proud to be the official agents for FornovoGas, a world-renowned specialist in the field of Natural Gas, Biogas and Hydrogen compression. FornovoGas have a large portfolio of offerings from Oil Free Compression to CNG Dispensing platforms. For more information, please contact us directly or feel free to browse the Fornovo Gas website:

Gas Dehydration and Separation

Zantech have been fabricating and supplying gas dehydration and separation systems for over 35 years. With our extensive knowledge and experience in PSA, heat regenerative and gas separation systems, we are able to cater to almost any application, whether it be for gas drying, refining and separation.

Gas Condensing

To complement our heat exchange systems, our sister company iChill assist us with the chiller plants required in order to facilitate the gas condensing circuits supplied to our clientele.

Our offerings include heat exchangers in the form of tube and shell and plate, cyclonic and coalescing types of filtration, jacketed tanks as well as two and 3 way separation systems.

For more insight into some of our projects, please contact us directly or visit our social media platforms below.