Air Auditing and Monitoring Equipment

Zan-Tech offers a wide range of monitoring equipment and services to help fulfil your site requirements. To compliment our offering we further provide air auditing services such as plant air and gas auditing, air leak audits and overall equipment and plant performance audits.

Air Process Monitoring

Zan-Tech provides an air auditing service with the capability of monitoring and data logging critical compressed air process conditions. Such as: Air flow – Velocities – Pressure -Temperature – Dew point We have 5 system sets, enabling the monitoring of up to 5 different installations simultaneously.


– Data logging for up to 1 month.
– Calibrated CS Instrumentation, test equipment (German).
– Ability to provide air leakage volumes, air flow rates etc.
– Determination of plant air consumption by area.
– Confirmation of existing air dryer and compressor efficiencies.
– Energy consumption monitoring.
– Comprehensive study reports.
– Dew point tests.

Air Leak Detection

An ultrasonic air leak detection system is used for accurate leakage and detection on compressed air and gas systems.

A full air leak audit is conducted with summaries of findings and relevant data is compiled in a comprehensive report including potential energy savings.

Dew Point Monitoring

For the accurate measurement of water vapour in compressed air and gas systems.

‍We provide a range of dew point sensors to suit all applications.

Flow Metering

We supply an array of flow meters which are ideal for the measurement and consumption of compressed air and gases.

Units can be installed permanently allowing the client to monitor their compressed air and gas consumption and flow rates.