Condensate Management

We offer a large range of reliable Condensate Drains, Oil/Water Separators (that meet ISO14001 environmental requirements) and Air/Water Cooled Heat Exchangers. Find out more about these condensate management systems below.

Zero Loss Mechanical Drains

We offer the best mechanical ZERO AIR loss drain on the market.

Large discharge orifice’s, test button facilities and high discharge volume’s all make our Turbo Drain the market leader in mechanical zero loss drains.

Zero Loss Electronic Drains

For small to heavy-duty condensate applications, we offer an Electronically Actuated ball valve Auto drain.

Fully automated operation with capacitance level sensor, alarm function and internal strainer. The Eco Drain increases up to a full-bore G1/2 discharge orifice for maximum discharge volume and allowing no possibility of blockages.

Oil Water Separation

The patented 2-stage filtering system adsorbs the residual amount of contaminants to less than 5 mg/litre of residual oil content.

Our Oil Seps have an electronic indicator advising the operator when the filter elements require replacing. These units are suitable for manual, electronic and timed auto drains.

Units can handle both mineral and synthetic oils.

Air & Water Coolers

We offer standard air- and water-cooled aftercoolers to reduce gas compression temperatures whilst removing condensed water, as well as pneumatically driven aftercoolers and tube/shell designed heat exchangers.