Compressed Air Filtration

Zan-Tech has been a speciality supplier and solution provider to the Air and Gas purification industry for over 35 years. We have a comprehensive range of imported products from our various international suppliers and further offer one off built products and systems to suit all applications. Our technical department has factory trained technicians, ensuring that we offer full technical after-sales and support.

Compressed Air and Gas Filters

High-grade particulate and coalescing filters for the filtration of compressed air and gas impurities. The Zan-Tech Revolution range of compressed air filters meet and exceed the ISO 8573 International Air Quality Standards.

The REVOLUTION range provides a cost effective solution to all your compressed air filtration needs. The filter design combines ease of installation with high performance and low maintenance.

Cyclone Separators

We supply mechanical cyclone separators for the removal of bulk liquids from compressed air.

Our cyclone water separators guarantee a 99% efficiency with a proven patented design whilst equipped with automatic drains from ½” up to much larger nominal bore sizes.

Replacement Filter Elements

We supply a wide range of validated OEM filter elements to suit all major compressed air filter makes.

Every compatible element is built to the exact standards consistent to all Zan-Tech engineered elements. That means that our compatible elements have been constructed from the same high quality materials as the original elements.

The choice of conventional outer foam drip sleeves or foam free polyester sleeves are also available.

Zan-Tech also supplies biological and Autoclave filters and elements.