Compressed Air Drying

Zan-Tech specialise in PSA, VPSA, HOC and Heat Regenerative Desiccant Dryers, as well as a very large range of Refrigeration Dryers. All dryers range from small point of use, to large turnkey supply projects to suit all plant compressed air and gas drying requirements.

Refrigeration Air Dryers

Zan-Tech are the OMI agents for Sub-Saharan Africa. OMI are a large Italian designed and manufactured equipment company supplying the best refrigeration drying technology in the market.

Their refrigeration drying systems cater for air and water cooled, as well as low- and high-pressure equipment, ranging from 18 m³h – 24,000 m³/hr with larger systems on request.

Modular Adsorption Dryers

Zan-Tech’s range of modular PSA desiccant dryers suit a multitude of applications, whether it be for drying compressible gases at source or for point of use drying applications.

The modular footprint allows for far easier installation and maintenance, at a lower cost than that found with larger twin tower PSA systems, without sacrificing on the quality of air required.

Twin Tower Adsorption Dryers

Our comprehensive range of twin tower PSA, HOC and Heated Purge Dryers are capable of meeting any demand.

We offer our range of Blower Purge, Heat of Compression and patented Vacuum Technology with energy saving regeneration processes allowing for more dry air to the plant at a lower energy footprint.

All adsorption dryers are PLC controlled with multi options for dew point dependable switching, fixed and variable demand cycling, remote monitoring and various energy saving potentials.

Custom built and designed systems can be tailor-made to suit all client fabrication requirements.