Medical and Industrial Gases

 Zantech supply solutions to suit any medical and industrial generation, dehydration and filtration needs

In order to generate breathing air, not only are particles, water, moisture, oil and oil vapor removed from the compressed air, but also harmful gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulphur dioxide (SO2) are reduced to the prescribed residual values ​​while maintaining the required oxygen content (O2)

Industrial Breathing Air

Although very similar to Medical Standard Breathing Air. Industrial Breathing Air is usually in accordance to EN 12021 specifications. They are purpose built for industry with consideration to the nature of the client site requirements.

Medical Breathing Air

Medical Breathing Air becomes more stringent in terms of the required specifications. Thus we look to meeting and exceeding the international Pharmacopee Europeene standards. We have an array of sizes from our small modular to larger twin tower Medical Breathing Air Systems on offer.

Medical and Industrial Oxygen Generation

Medical and Industrial Oxygen Generation

We specialize in large and small scale Medical and Industrial Oxygen Generation solutions using both PSA and VPSA technologies. The process of the PSA technology is an extremely efficient operation since air is the only raw material needed. On-site PSA and VPSA Oxygen solutions guarantee an uninterrupted supply of Oxygen at a lower energy expenditure than that of Cryogenic installations.

Our PSA oxygen generators can produce purities between 90-98% Oxygen dependant on the application and client requirements.

Applications such as medical, pharmaceutical, ozone, water treatment, industrial and aquaculture are all examples of where PSA and VPSA Oxygen plants are well suited.

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Generation

We offer an array of on-site Nitrogen Generation solutions based on PSA technology. Two pressurised vessels with molecular sieves ensure continuous production for separation of Nitrogen from other gases. The process of the PSA technology is an extremely efficient operation since air is the only raw material needed.

Our on-site Nitrogen generators allow for an uninterrupted supply of gas with a high purity output. This means that you can produce nitrogen where and when you need it, in the exact quantity and quality you need. PSA is a cost-efficient process for producing high purity Nitrogen that can produce purities between 95-99.9999%.

Applications and industries include inerting, blanketing, pigging, modified atmospheric packaging, dry purging, tire filling, F&B packaging, coal mining sectors, marine sectors, laser cutting, electronics, laboratories, oil & gas to name a few

Oxygen Cylinder Filling Systems

Automated Oxygen High Pressure filling solutions are available for both in house and off site medical Air and Oxygen filling, enabling full independence and continuous supply of medical cylinders.


Automatic Oxygen Manifolds

Automatic medical oxygen manifolds are fully automated with informative LCD displays. All complying with HTM02-01, HTM2022, and C11.

Containerized Oxygen Generation Systems

Containerized oxygen generation is a complete turn-key solution encompassed in a plug-and-play portable plant. Advantages include lower capex costs, smaller footprint, simple operation, easy maintenance, quick on-site oxygen production, convenient switching and mobility.

Additional Solutions

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Systems

Cryogenic liquid storage systems are used for the production, storage, and transportation of low-temperature liquids. It is widely used in medical, industrial, agricultural, national defence and scientific research industries. Compared with the traditional steel gas cylinder, it has the advantages of convenient transportation, energy-saving, safety, and reliability.

Medical Vacuum Pump Systems

Full turn-key medical vacuum pump systems for an array of flow demands are available. Complete skid mount systems enable seamless installation with minimal site erection and downtime. Compliant with standard EN ISO 7396-1 and suited for Medical or laboratory applications.

Alarm Valve Combo Units

Alarm Valve Combo Units (AVCU) consisting of medical gas area alarm and zone valve isolations within one complete solution. Link up existing alarm systems to the manual gas valve interventions with ease.